Pricing information.

Pricing for an individual shoot is generally dependent on time estimated, equipment required (special lighting or lens), materials (such as any roll paper, props, etc), date and time of the shoot and whether it is in the studio or travel required.    It is best to contact me to discuss the specifics or your needs, your budget and any flexibility you might have. I accept CC, cash, check or Paypal and gift certificates are available.


Packages .

To help with an estimate of how much a shoot would be, use the below as a guideline.  We can then work off the guideline for modifications or specifics!   There is no charge to discuss what you have in mind and I will always volunteer ideas to maximize your shoot! 

ALL PACKAGES include the following :

  • DIGITAL PHOTOS (JPEG) of at least 1280 Pixels on the largest side and at 120dpi (dots per inch).  This is excellent computer screen, smartphone viewing quality.  Al photos are available on line for a minimum of 6 months. A DVD is optional as is emailing them.
  • HIGH RESOLUTION JPEGS are made available for on-line print orders or digital downloads at prices far below industry norms. 
  • PERSONALIZED WEBSITE of your images.  Password Protected, Social Media enabled (ie share on Facebook, Twitter,etc) with a multitude of options offered by Zenfolio.
  • PRINT ENABLED.   You or anyone you authorize can order prints of virtually any size, quality and shape. Shipped anywhere using VISA/MC or PayPal
  • BLEMISH REMOVAL. Minor face or body blemishes are removed as determined by photographer and client is INCLUDED. Additional blemish retouch as well as extensive and complete blemish and face sculpturing is available for an additional amount.
  • STUDIO RESOURCES.  If the studio is used, there are a variety items and backdrops that are available to you. Contact me to discuss the specifics.
  • GREAT FUN !  A photoshoot should be fun and comfortable.  Laid back, no rush shoot with free beverages, music and a comfortable atmosphere. 

Note:     Unless specified in the packages below, the following is not included , but available:   Hair and/or make up professional services;  107" wide roll paper ; grunge elements (water/body-paint/dirt/oil/lotion/etc) ; use of 'grunge room' or outside pool, patio, grounds ; nudity below the waste.   Also see Q&A section. 

Headshot ($40):  Above the waste photos are considered to be 'headshots' and limited to one hour. This option is typically enough time that allows for one change of shirt/top (or shirtless) and includes a variety of poses, expressions and lighting orientation.

Standard Shoot ($60):  A shoot of 90 minutes or so.  This is enough for 1 or 2 changes of clothes (three, including what you wear when you arrive). Use of certain studio props, white roll paper if desired. We may shoot in the outside walled patio area or in the grunge room. No grunge elements, however.

Premium Shoot ($100 or more ): Personal shoots that are not covered in Headshots or Standard Shoot above is considered a Premium Shoot.  This type of shoot allows for pretty much anything and everything that is practical and falls within the time limits agreed to.  All commercial (non personal) shoots are custom and require a consultation to determine needs, pricing and terms.   All shoots that require travel is a custom Premium Shoot and consultation is also required to determine needs, pricing and terms.

Q & A : 

  1. Can I bring someone with me or made part of the shoot?   Generally No, unless it is a Premium Shoot.
  2. Do you do or can I include shirtess or underwear shots in any of the shoots?  Yes for standard and premium.
  3. What color roll paper or backgrounds are available?  Wide (107") black, white paper readily available. Green, Pink, Blue roll paper is special request.   The studio has one wall painted a standard, non reflective 18% GREY. An orange and a black roll paper (individual shots; ~45") is available for all shoots.
  4. Can I take shots laying on the floor?  Yes.  The floor is a rich, brown stained concrete.
  5. Do you photograph minors?  Yes.  If you are under 18, you must bring a legal guardian and sign a special waiver.
  6. Smoking or smoking shots?   Smoking is not permitted in the studio or any indoor area.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere unless it is part of a specific and short shoot sequence. 
  7. Do you do boudoir, nudes or sexy shots?  Yes, within limits.
  8. Can I have a DVD and/or email me the photos?   Yes, as a special extra request negotiated prior to the shoot.
  9. Can I have the high res digital images greater than 1280 pixels so I can print them myself?  No, unless negotiated prior to the shoot.    However, you are able to purchase the high res digital downloads from the included website and order prints on line.
  10. Can you do some or all in black and white, colorized and other special effects ? Yes, discussed prior to shoot.
  11. Can you remove facial blemishes, scars, spots, birth marks, tattoos?  Yes. I can do extensive retouching for a fee but will do minor blemish removal at no charge.
  12. Can you make me look skinnier?   Generally, Yes.   There are methods that make you look thinner.  In addition and for a fee, I can do face sculpturing that narrows the face.   Note there are both practical limits and points where it is no longer a true photograph of you.  Also note that most people are overly critical of their looks and shouldn't be.  See more info below.
  13. Can you make me look bigger, taller, more muscular, defined abs, sexier, butch, etc. ?   Generally, Yes!   There are lighting and other techniques that can be used in addition to clothes, props and poses.
  14. What else can you do to enhance my look?    Lots.   I can help with thinning hair, receding hairline, nose size/shape, lazy eye, major/minor wrinkles, brighten/widen eyes, change/enhance eye color, eyebrows, enhance lips, neck lengthen/shorten, face thinning/sculpture and symmetry improvements.
  15. Do you do drag, gender bend and other forms of self expression?  Yes
  16. Do Pets?  Yes for outdoors and/or at your premises.  However, pets are no longer permitted in the studio or studio grounds.
  17. Do you travel and do outdoor shoots such as special events, candids, weddings, parties, parks, home, large groups, etc ?  Yes
  18. Do you do TFP or related free shoots?  Yes.  Time permitting, I allocate one free shoot per month for selected opportunities that would test a new "theme", background, enhances my shooting skills or portfolio in some way.  In those situations, a signed model release form is required that allows me the use of the photos taken for marketing purposes only (not for sale). The model may be invited to have a say as to which photos are eligible. 
  19. Do you pay models for a shoot?  Yes, for commercial or project shoots can be $25/hr or a fixed amount. 
  20. All other questions, please ask me personally!  I'll continue to add to this list of common questions !