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Provide cutting edge, unique and custom imaging as well as talent for personal and commercial clients while ensuring utmost privacy and integrity.
Company Overview
"iKonSouls" is a brand and branded services of MarceloMedia oriented towards lifestyle photography. Much of the work is directed to lifestyle photography such as Punk, Steampunk, Goth, Emo, Gay, Campy, Boudoir and any imaging with sexual and/or homoerotic overtones. The imaging of iKonSouls maintains the high quality, privacy and selective standards set forth by MarceloMedia.

* Model age restricted to over 18 years of age. 
* iKonSoul Productions are collaboration work between iKonSouls Photography together with other complementing artists.
* Contact for inquires
Services include but not limited to:
1) Photography, video cuts and effects for cutting edge, provocative imaging
2) Personal, Professional Services by experienced hair and make up professionals
3) Models and talent for your projects from screened guys from greater DFW for both commercial and private projects
4) Publishing services
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General Information
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